Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blatant Proof of Township Council Silent Slate/Good Ole Boys Club

At what point will Township Council look out for the taxpayers' best financial interests instead of simply "tax-spend-and-borrowing" us to death for the sake of what may initially be a good news story but ends up being a financial disaster? Look no further than the Township grandstand project for a past example and now look to the airport for a possible future example.

The Langley Times article proves that the Alberts-led Township Council silent slate of good ole boys blatantly ignores any reasonable suggestion for proper due diligence and business common sense. When Business Professor/Councillor Richter asks that they get an independent second opinion on the 24 cents a square foot lease rate for the prime new Township airport industrial complex, a deafening conspiracy of silence is heard at the Council table. Not even a seconder for discussion! Not even on questions about a 40 year lease at only annual CPI increases! What happened to market rates? Show us any business that would not die to get terms like these.

Obviously Times Reporter Al Irwin (kudos to Irwin and the Times finally!) along with Councillor Richter were the only two that found the municipal airport lease terms and conditions incredible and a question worth looking into at least. This editor would suggest that even the Langley Times is paying most likely between $12 and $18 a square foot for their offices in Langley as is probably their competition at the Langley Advance. So how does $00.24 a square foot seem even remotely reasonable for prime limited airport space and especially for a 40 year long lease term?

One would think that Township council would at least get some independent advice on the advisability of such a lease. Property values in Langley are so high now that a lease rate of 24 cents per square foot over 40 years should at minumum be questionned! In 40 years, the lease rate under this contract will still be less than a buck per square foot - one hell of a deal! Does the Vancouver airport lease for less than a buck? What about Abbotsford? Why can't Council at least ask?

Perhaps this Council should be renamed the "Everything-for-less-than-a-buck-store (except for your taxes)" slate.

Clearly this whole situation leads this editor to several conclusions:

A - There is no business or financial common sense on township council.
B - There is a definite and clear slate on Township Council.
C - There is no financial oversight whatsoever on Township Council.
D - Councillor Richter is the only critical thinker on Township Council.
E - Councillor Richter is obviously the only voice of opposition on Township Council.
F - Common sense thoughts and questions will not be entertained by the Council Slate.
G - Or is Council perhaps unfortunately simply just sexist and or just plain stupid?

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