Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You Heard It Here First! - Who Will Get Top Admin Job In Surrey City

The administrator in the City of Surrey has left his almost $250,000 a year job and the Surrey Mayor and Council are looking for a replacement for the top city job. They say they will do a national search. Our present administrator in Langley Township gets a lot less a year. So does the Langley City Administrator. You wanna bet that the job is appealing to both of them as Surrey is the 2nd biggest City in BC? See here , here and here for stories on the Surrey Administrator.

We believe that the City administrator would not make the short list. But our Township administrator certainly would. His background as a lawyer and his neutral management style coupled with his political savvy and intelligence makes him Surrey’s ideal candidate. His initial sponsors, the infamous LLT, hired our present Administrator Bakken literally days after being first elected. Mark Bakken then faced several resignations of senior managers including the present Mayor Kurt Alberts who was then Director of Planning in the Township and who went on in the next election to defeat the LLT Mayor John Scholtens. Given these circumstances, having survived for the past seven years under the present Mayor is considered unbelievable by many.

We predict that Mark Bakken will make the short list and we will go on a bigger limb and predict that he will probably be offered the job. It just makes sense. Besides a little bird told us that a key Surrey special interest political group was very interested in him.

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