Monday, February 13, 2006

Jack Layton Disagrees With NDP Booting Buzz Hargrove

A move is afoot to try to reverse the decision to oust Mr. Hargrove for promoting "strategic voting" in the election by supporting the Liberals. The Ontario arm of the NDP voted to revoke Hargrove's membership. Hargrove is the President of the Canadian Autoworkers Union. Many Federal NDP MPs including National Leader Jack Layton don't agree with the expulsion. See the National Post article here.

The NDP is somewhat unique because it requires all party members to be both NDP Provincially and Federally . Provincial NDP members are automatically Federal NDP members and vice versa. The Conservatives and the Liberals permit different party memberships between the provinces and the Federal Party. Hence for example in Quebec and BC many provincial Liberals are Federal Conservatives and vice versa.

If the Federal NDP or for that matter a Provincial NDP party ever wanted to move more to the center like the British Labour Party under John Major did, they will have to certainly divide the membership just as the other two Canadian Political parties do. The Ontario NDP decision clearly demonstrates one reason why they should split party membership. Maybe now finally they have an excuse. This is another reason why we at LFP sometimes equate the NDP troops with the collective "Borg" of Star Trek fame! They are assimilated at all levels of government! If you don't know what a Borg is ask your kids or any geek you meet.

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