Monday, February 06, 2006

Conservative Backlash to Emerson & Fortier?

Liberals are certainly shocked by Emerson crossing the floor and by Harper's appointment of a non elected Quebec Party organizer to the Senate and Cabinet in one fell swoop. Although these are strategically smart political moves, some strong conservative supporters like Joan Tintor's Blog and Steve Janke blog demonstrates Conservative supporters are just as shocked if not more so. They may never accept Emerson at all and are probably at the very least feeling very uncomfortable with the whole situation. Unless Harper nips this in the bud, feelings of betrayal may grow among Conservative supporters themselves about what they consider bending of ethics clashing with their honourable new age clean Conservative principles. On the other hand media and opposition parties will now most likely have a hay day with this, accusing Harper of being a hypocrite about the democratic deficit and saying that the status quo has not changed at all. This will be especially poignant if Harper does not go along with the entire Gomery recommendations which all indications so far point to.

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