Sunday, February 19, 2006

H5N1 Bird Flu - Global Growth Alarming

(Picture of H5N1 Avian Bird Flu Virus)

CBC news reports the first case of the virus in Europe's largest poultry producer in France. Furthermore the H5N1 strain, which is transmissible to humans, has now spread from Asia to Europe and Africa. The H5N1 bird flu could mutate into causing a human pandemic. If you don’t understand what a pandemic is see the Stanford 1918 Pandemic synopsis. Also we suggest that you become more informed as well on the topic by seeing excellent in depth BBC analysis of what it is and why it is a threat to our world population.

The single major concern is that so far it has been transmitted to humans by physical contact only. If the flu mutates as all flu’s do, and more specifically becomes airborne like the common flu, the results could be more than alarming. So when you see heavy handed and quick government intervention as you saw a year or so ago in the bird culling of the Fraser Valley, understand that everything must be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. A potential pandemic on the scale of the 1918 pandemic calls for any and all measures required no matter how Orwellian.

As this H5N1 bird flu steadily and increasingly circumvents the globe we must all be aware of what it’s impact could be and support our local and world governments to intervene if and as necessary in non complying Countries if necessary especially in Africa.

The stakes are far too high to respect international borders.
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