Friday, February 24, 2006

Rogue Reporter Report or RRRRRR.......

Boy, do I need a drink after a council meeting!

<--- strong=""> Your new intrepid staff reporter attended a council meeting this week and a few things stuck out (both literally and figuratively).

First, when Councillor Kim Richter asked about partnering with the School Board on a project, the Mayor finally admitted that: "We have HUGE CHALLENGES in the budget coming up and can't throw figures at this time”. So whatever happened to the “GREAT FINANCIAL SHAPE” they were supposedly in during the election? Wasn’t that one of his key phrases? (I must dig out my old newspapers on election 2005)! Of course, even though they have “HUGE [financial] CHALLENGES”, mayor & council (except for Councillor Kim) still saw fit to give themselves a future pay raise at the same meeting.

Second, while discussing proposed School Board projects, the 2 councillors who had questions were Howie Vickberg & Charlie Fox. Since both these councilors are School District #35 employees, I couldn’t help but wonder why these 2 guys were leading the debate and not declaring a conflict of interest. Isn’t there something odd here? Don’t they get a pay cheque from SD #35 and isn’t that enough to qualify them for a conflict?

Third, Councillor Mel Kositsky was in great form. He admitted development in Willoughby is a "JIGSAW" and as a councillor is “CONFUSED” about how the area was developing and wants administration to get the overview map out. Gee, he’s only been a councillor for how long -15 years? Well, at least he's honest in that. As a citizen, I sure as hell can't see what they are doing (other than cutting down trees and replacing them with cracker boxes).

Councillor Mel also went on to slice a piece off of rookie Councillor Jordan Bateman, telling him that his drug policy is an admission that the Provincial Liberals have failed to aid the Township. Since Councillor Jordan works for a local MP, I thought he might not take this sitting down but instead ask Councillor Mel whatever happened to the $1.75 per vote of taxpayer money he was entitled to after running federally as an independent in the previous election. However, Councillor Jordan’s still playing ‘nice ball’. Boy, does he have a lot to learn!

Finally, after blowing $20 million on the new City Hall, it’s too bad that the audio failed half the time leaving those of us in the cheap seats wondering what was being said but I guess it just compliments the TV cameras that also don't work. Maybe the Mayor can add these repairs to the ‘HUGE CHALLENGING BUDGET’ coming up. Why not – we’re going to pay for it anyway.

[Filed by our new “Rogue” Staff Reporter (no relationship to the Unknown Comic)].

LFP proudly presents and introduces our newest addition to the LFP stable. RRR..'s job is to expose and clean out the manure from all the dung hills in the Langleys. - LFP Editor

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