Sunday, February 19, 2006

Conservatives Will Never Abolish Gun Control

The Bloc Québécois On Friday announced on their Website that they will “oppose with vigor” any attempts by the Conservatives to abolish or reduce Canada’s gun control legislation. Their strongly worded press release states that they “put the Conservatives on notice of their commitment” to this. They also say that while they agree that the Gun Control legislation “is not perfect it does help protect Quebecers”. Well, there you have it. You can bet that the Liberals and the NDP won’t support the minority Conservatives either on this issue.

This begs the question, what can the Conservatives really pass in the commons. Tax rebates like the GST for sure all parties will agree to. But unless they want to take a risk to initiate another snap federal election they are going to have an awfully impossible time trying to forward a lot of their more dramatic right wing promises. The Conservatives are essentially a right wing minority paper tiger facing three center to left wing opposition parties who control the balance of power in the House of Commons. Also due to the Conservatives election gains they can be sure that the NDP and the Bloc will gang up with the Liberals and now be focused on firmly resetting their coordinates of their artillery directly at the Conservatives from the Liberals. That is why the the single strongest and only focus driving Stephen Harper is and will be to do anything and everything to get a majority government. Until that time you will not see the real Stephen Harper stand up. In the mean time Harper’s honeymoon isn’t just over with the public and the press. His honeymoon with the Bloc and NDP is over as well. All three ooposition parties understand his predicament and together can fully expoloit it.

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