Friday, February 03, 2006

Local News Review

Langley Advance - Friday February 3, 2006
Cover page by Matthew Claxton highlights again that the Langleys municipal government don’t give a sweet darn about the homeless problem locally. Other than a few real pockets of real caring like the Salvation Army there to date has been no coordinated efforts by either municipality to proactively do something. This is disgusting because the same is the case for the Langleys crystal meth problem. Many say the two issues are very much tied at the hip. True leadership especially from our two mayors should attack these problems in a coordinated non partisan approach. The key statement in this article is that because of lack of permanent shelter in the Langleys for the homeless it means we will get " little health funding” for the problem from the province.

Then of course the two mayors on page 3 agree with the Gateway plan at almost any cost according to the article! Gosh almost sounds like what is going on in spending in Township projects! City Mayor Fassbender points out that the 204th street overpass has gone from $8 to $36 million budget. This is hilarious considering that the overpass is being built in the most stupid location possible. It should have gone at Glover road, but that’s another story of marvelous teamwork between the two Langleys and Mayors. Remember the days when one Mayor used to say that he had to “court the other Langley first” before ever thinking of marriage. Gee we don’t hear that message any more do we. We don’t even think they are dating any more! Wait till the City tells the Township to get stuffed with the additional Grandstand & policing dollars.

Langley Times – Friday February 3, 2006
Cover and page 3 talks about the ever increasing filming industry using Langley with 55 film permits last year. Maybe the EDC and Chamber should talk about trying to get some more investment here locally such as locating film studios here as well. Burnaby and North Van have them so far. Municipal Tax incentives may help them consider this.

On page 5, Al Irwin has reports from those that say twinning the bridge/freeway is stupid environmentally but it takes an Abbotsford Councillor, Patricia Ross, to say the obvious. She states that “it depends how rapid transit is developed with it.” Makes sense to us. If it as speculated, takes 12 years to finish building the twinning, we should be firmly planning to put in light rapid transit (LRT) now for no later than 20 years from now to start building at least up to 200th street running along highway one to the New West skytrain station with two more stops in Surrey. This would diffinitely reduce car commuters more so than tolls.

Monique Tamminga's reports are excellent. On page 7 she writes about the fact that no significant financial assistance is coming to Langley for the homeless situation because the Langleys unlike just about every other neighbouring municipality has no homeless shelters and that is why we are not getting the government money. Her complimentary editorial while giving City Mayor Fassbender some credit for setting up a social planning committee, essentially slams Mayor Kurt Alberts’ Township “head in the sand” approach to the homeless problem. Come on Monique the Township Council has more important priorities. The Township Priorities Committee deemed their first issue is the new Fort Langley Museum for all those previously deemed malcontent elitists! Not to mention the $3-4-5 million gold plated Grandstand. Monique, those are the real priorities for Langley Township. Finally a letter to the Editor By a Mr. Wark brings out great points about why border guards should not be armed. He rightly says that the Canadian border guards are essentially an extension of our Custom and Revenue Canada department and not policing and policing should be left to others. We agree.

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