Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SES Poll on National Political Party Support

The recent national survey of Canadians conducted by SES Research found that the federal Liberals and Conservatives were statistically tied (Liberals 34%, Conservative 33%) on the national ballot. NDP support is at 18% followed by the Bloc Quebecois at 9% and the Green Party at 7%.

“Polling indicates that the Conservative government’s honeymoon was short-lived. The Conservative six-point lead on Election Day is now a tighter race. We can expect a period of voter volatility as Canadians assess the new Harper-led federal government.

Decided Canadian Voters (N=971, MoE ± 3.2%, 19 times out of 20)

Liberals 34% (+4)
Conservatives 33% (-3)
NDP 18% (+1)
Bloc Quebecois 9% (-2)
Green 7% (+1)
Undecided 3% (-10)

The detailed tables with the methodology and regional subtabs are posted on our website .

Cheers, Nik - Nikita James Nanos, CMRP President & CEO SES Research

They also have a poll that shows that shows some of the Federal Liberal Leadership Candidates Preferences as polled.

LFP Editor - By the way SES is the polling company that was deadly accurate in the last election that we updated daily at that time. We will often post more pertinent polls from them on this website. Below is their prediction from their polling compared to the actual last federal election results. Amazing!

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