Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taxpayers Line Up Outside Otter Co-Op To Sign Up Saying NO To The Bateman/Falcon Liberal Overpass To Nowhere

UPDATE Mar15 @ 9:30pm - Sonya Paterson has informed LFP that at their booth outside the Otter Co-Op yesterday and today in only 10 hours produced the following amazing results. How can this Council ignore the overwhelming evidence AGAINST the overpass?
  • 527 Petition signatures against the Overpass
  • 417 Letters addressed to the ALC Against the Overpass
  • 483 Overpass Surveys completed
Since 10 am , Saturday March 14, as well as Sunday till 3 pm at the Otter Co-Op at a booth outside the store, Langley taxpayers have been lining up non stop to either sign a petition against the overpass or sign a letter against it addressed to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) . People are also filling out a survey on their thoughts on the overpass. Also See this other 2:51 minute video of the event.

The organizer, Sonya Paterson says that they will be there until 3 PM today. The Otter Co-Op is just south on 248 th Street at the Fraser Highway intersection. Among the many people helping her man the booth and answering quest
ions are Wally Martin, Darlene Jonnston ,the Blackhall's from Fort Langley, the 's , members of the Davis & Mufford (generational Langley farming families), Irene McKaig and more.

The ALC admits the overpass negatively affects prime farmland and the Otter Co-Op client base serves Langley's agricultural community more so than any other and the response there so far today has been phenomenal. On Monday night, March 23rd the Township council will be asked to reconsider it's decision to proceed on the overpass. The Township Council voted last Monday 6 to 3 in favour of the overpass with only Mayor Green and Councillors Richter and Kositsky opposing the overpass.

Sonya Paterson is encouraging all of the taxpayers to attend the Monday March 23rd evening Langley Township council meeting at 7 PM to support the Mayor Green motion to reconsider the overpass. This is a the final opportunity to keep the Langley we love and say NO to the overpass and NO to the heavy rail traffic cutting through the heart of Langley!The council meeting is in the Council presentation theatre on the 4th floor at 20338 65 Ave.

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