Tuesday, March 31, 2009

$1 Billion B.C. Rail Sale To C.N. By B.C. Libs - Lawyers Say Premier Met With Kinsella & C.N. Rail Chair Prior To Sale!

The Globe & Mail reports that "Mr. Kinsella was paid $297,000 by BC Rail between 2002 and a 2003. There is also reference to a bonus of $201,512 to Progressive Holdings (Kinsella's firm), but it was not clear if that was an additional payment." They also report that "Mr. Kinsella got a call from David McLean, head of CN, saying "the deal was at risk" and asking for help." Mr. Patrick Kinsella was former BC Liberal Party 2001 & 2005 campaign co-chair and B.C. Liberal insider.

Journalist and commentator Bill Tieleman on his blog in detail says, "Defence lawyers in the B.C. Legislature raid case made a bombshell allegation Thursday that Premier Gordon Campbell met with BC Liberal 2001 election campaign co-chair Patrick Kinsella and David McLean, CN Rail's Chair, to discuss the $1 billion B. C. Rail deal before CN was announced the winning bidder." Bill also plays 20 questions on his blog as well here with "What did BC Liberal Party insider Patrick Kinsella do for BC Rail for $297,000 - let's play 20 questions".

Meanwhile according to Bill Tieleman , "Premier Gordon Campbell, Attorney General Wally Oppal and Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon state they can't say anything about Kinsella's B.C. Rail role because it is "before the courts" when B.C. Rail and Kinsella released statements and Kinsella is not under any investigation related to the David Basi and Bob Virk trial, the two government aides facing corruption charges."

LFP previously reported on this with links to the Province Michael Smyth editorial and Vancouver Sun Vaughn Palmer editorial. All the links and stories in this posting are an excellent primer on this whole affair and highly recommended reading.

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