Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lfp's Poetry Spot - Featuring "bad poet" - 5 DAYS TO GO

5 DAYS TO GO - by 'bad poet'

There’s 5 days to go till the next council meeting
The crowd will be huge- will there be enough seating
The debate on this issue gets hotter than hell
And that old Blog to Nowhere’s not going so well
As Bateman and Charlie and Dornan will find
Their support of this issue we will all keep in mind
We won’t forget Stevie he’s not off the hook
And Sir Councillor Ward and Long we will cook
Mayor Green and Ms. Richter and then there is Mel
They did the right thing-we all think the’re swell

So lets recap all that’s happened last week
It looked for awhile like things were real bleak
But there’s lots of support from near and afar
As people get ready with feathers and tar
The township’s abuzz with talk of support
From the Otter Co-op I’m pleased to report

There’s T-shirts for sale that say save our land
For those to wear proudly who will take a stand
At the meeting of council next week at the hall
So bring your best friend we’ll all have a ball
And the best part for me will be watching Mayor Green
And maybe that Ward guy won’t cause a big scene.

bad poet

Editor's Note: 'bad poet' is a satirical political poet very welcome here on LFP! Hey LFP readers, CLUE - read Bad Poet poems slowly, one line at a time for the best rhyming lyrical poetry effect! Hilarious and all meant in jest as satirical political comedy/commentary! Anyone else want to tryout for LFP's poetry spot? Submit yours too!

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