Monday, March 09, 2009

Lfp's Poetry Spot - Featuring "bad poet" - THE FINANCIAL WIZZARDS


Bateman never met a dollar he didn’t like to spend
Especially when directed by coleman his friend

No matter the interest and all of the rest
If his name can be on it that’s really the best

Now fergie the teacher, a misnomer of sorts
His whining and crying when giving reports

Says mayor is a meanie and tells him a lie
So he can’t make the meeting oh how he can cry

A real piece of work is councilor Ward
Don’t call me Grant just call me “my lord”

So they passed the rail thingy I’ll bet they are proud
Cost overruns,who cares, don’t say it out loud

Its not a P3, a financial disaster
But the’re spending the money it seems a lot faster.

5 million-9 million, gee it seems kinda funny
First thing you know it will seem like real money

While we’re scratching and clawing to save a few bucks
The 4 big time spenders shovel it off of the trucks

bad poet

Editor's Note: 'bad poet' is a satirical political poet very welcome here on LFP! Hey LFP readers, CLUE - read Bad Poet poems slowly, one line at a time for the best rhyming lyrical poetry effect! Hilarious and all meant in jest as satirical political comedy/commentary! Anyone else want to tryout for LFP's poetry spot? Submit yours too!

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