Thursday, March 12, 2009

B.C. Rail paid Liberal insider (The Province, 12 Mar 2009, Page A9)

Does something stink here folks? See also the Victoria Times Colonist story and the Vancouver Sun Vaughn Palmer editorial all on the same story. Remember the RCMP legislature raids and the now famous so called 'Basi Gate' court case that in this Editor's opinion has been stymied at every junction with on going procedural wrangling that has delayed this whole case for what seems like ages so far with considerable assistance it would seem from the provincial government. What are they trying to hide? What and when is the stink going to reveal itself and it's sources? Note the desperation to keep a lid on all of this until the election is over.

B.C. Rail paid Liberal insider
Michael Smyth
The Province
12 Mar 2009

Patrick Kinsella, a friend of Premier Gordon Campbell and one of the most powerful string-pullers in the B.C. Liberal party, has made a killing on government contracts since guiding his pals to power in 2001. Kinsella was co-chairman of the more...

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