Friday, March 13, 2009

ALC Says: Bateman/Falcon Liberal Overpass To Nowhere "Will Adversely Impact Agriculture" - (P.S. 10 Fold Debt Cost Increase Coming!)

The Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) in its November 26, 2008 ruling letter admits right from the start of its conclusion that the Bateman/Falcon Liberal Overpass To Nowhere,

"..will adversely impact agriculture..." !

See, the actual 5 pages of the ALC decision further below. Also it specifies the seven (7) ALC terms and conditions that MUST be met for this agricultural land use application to go forward. The key question in the ALC conditions is how does this proposal " enable agriculture in the area affected in the road project to be more agriculturally productive following the project than it now is prior to the project." ? In addition what penalties are there if not met, and at what cost to meet them (are they at all presently budgeted for in the $51 million or is this another cost overun?) and what cost implications are there as well (i.e. The additional eight (8) conditions that Township Council put on this prior to approving it) ?

It is curious to note who moved the ALC motion (sh
own on Page 3 below). It would also be curious to ask whether or not this individual has current or past political connections to Councillor Jordan Bateman, President of the Fort Langley/Aldergrove provincial Liberal constituency association, MLA Rich Coleman, MLA Mary Polak and MLA/Minister of Transportation Kevin Falcon who recently vetoed any other overpass plan but this one (See Falcon's "build it or lose it" letter here).

To view or prin
t the complete 5 page ALC decision double mouse click each of the following page links. (Some may take a few minutes to upload especially the context map).
10 Fold Increase In Annual DEBT COSTS
Coming Next Year !
In 2009 the annual Langley Township debt servicing cost will be $223,000 per year. In 2010 thanks to the addition of this "Bateman/Falcon Liberal Overpass To Nowhere" project among others the annual Langley Township debt servicing cost will increase by more than 10 fold to $2,486,000 per year! Thank you to all those good spendthrift B.C. Liberals who made this historic debt increase happen in Langley Township. Surely there must be some Liberals in Langley and Victoria who don't like to increase spending, taxation and debt!....

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