Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lfp's Poetry Spot - Featuring "bad poet" - WE ALL GOT SCREWED

WE ALL GOT SCREWED - by 'bad poet'

We went to a meeting-many hundreds and I
Looking for changes-oh how we did try

But there was no way of changing the minds of those six
Cause those councilors there were all up to their tricks

A number of people- there must have been eight
All had enough gumption to step up to the plate

To try and persuade the powers that be
This is not a good project-oh why can’t you see

The good people of Milner will suffer I’m sure
And the rest of us surely will wind up as poor

But Bateman and Ward and Foxy don’t care
As long as Mayor Green looks foolish up there

Thery’d vote for the devil if they though it would help
Its all Mayor Green’s fault they constantly yelp

As Ferguson said in the paper today
We’ll teach him a lesson and keep him at bay

So they voted the same with a smirk and some chatter
To teach all us people our opinions don’t matter

So in summing this up I’d never beleived
The utter contempt Jordan Bateman received

While our good Mayor Rick Green got a standing ovation
And it looks like to me a good election foundation

bad poet

Editor's Note: 'bad poet' is a satirical political poet very welcome here on LFP! Hey LFP readers, CLUE - read Bad Poet poems slowly, one line at a time for the best rhyming lyrical poetry effect! Hilarious and all meant in jest as satirical political comedy/commentary! Anyone else want to tryout for LFP's poetry spot? Submit yours too!

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