Monday, March 09, 2009

Lfp's Poetry Spot - Featuring "bad poet" - THE FOUR STOOGES


We had an election in two thousand and eight
After years of more taxes that wasn’t so great

A man named Rick Green promised much more for less
Most people sure liked him especially the press

He won the election, that man named Rick Green
His election committee- a well oiled machine

But alas and alak joy was cut short
As councilor Ward showed his lack of support

For within a few day of the election results
Concilor Ward started hurling nasty insults

He told our new mayor- hey listen up bub
You’d best not be going against our old club

We had it real cozy with the mayor from the fort
And were not fond of changes-we’ll cut you off short

So with fergie and foxy and Bateman on board
They set out to stir up a lot of discord

The financial committee –now the Mufford rail thing
Four financial blind mice –what next will they bring

Will they vote for the people for whom they should act
Because if they don’t next time they’ll be sacked

bad poet

Editor's Note: Wow! Great! A satirical political poet on LFP! How innovative! Can we expect more Bad Poet? Very creative though, thanks for the chuckle! Hey LFP readers, CLUE - read Bad Poet poem slowly one line at a time for the rhyming lyrical poetry effect! Hilarious and all meant in jest I'm sure as satirical political comedy/commentary! Anyone else want to tryout for LFP's poetry spot? Submit yours too!

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