Thursday, November 01, 2007

Susan Semonick On Schools - Nov 1st School Board Meeting - No Surprise, 4 - 3 VOTE

The vote was 4-3 for REC 3 ( H.D. Stafford to become a middle school) and 4-3 to go ahead with the consideration of closing Murrayville. Which means the process is already half done. If they pass the boundary changes that were on this agenda at the next meeting it is definitely a done deal. To close at least one Elementary. Brace yourselves for what is evidently coming everyone. It is my Anniversary today so I will be giving a report sometime tomorrow. - Susan

Editor's Note: The doors were locked with these signs on both entry doors with taxpayer paid security guards manning the doors and despite people leaving on an ongoing basis no one else was allowed in.

This Editor was not permitted in and I could see that the foyer was basically empty which could have housed more people!
Meanwhile in 5 degree weather locked outside of the meeting the candle light vigil of predominantly the youth affected went on in vain.

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