Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Richter Report - My Friday Night Out in an RCMP Cruiser: An Eye Opening Experience

"It is quite the story that Township Councillor Kim Richter has written about her night on the beat with a Langley RCMP Corporal. ....... I heartily recommend that you read it in its entirety..." - by Kurt Langmann, [Editorial Nov. 15, 2007] Editor of The Aldergrove Star and a Canadian Community Newspapers Association Silver Quill award recipient.

"7:45 p.m. – I arrived at the police station. While I was waiting to be admitted, a young woman stormed out of the building in tears and swearing. (I later learned at the briefing that she was a victim of domestic abuse, was addicted to drugs and was pregnant. The RCMP had spent considerable time that day arranging for her..."
The foregoing is the start of a chronology of what I experienced [press here for my full report in PDF format].
It was an extremely educational experience. [Press here to see my final conclusions also in PDF format].
LFP Editor's Note: The Aldergrove Star (Nov. 15, 2007) and the Langley Times (Nov. 21, 2007) also reported on Richter's friday night out in a RCMP cruiser both in print and online. If you cannot open and read the PDF format go to Adobe and download "Adobe Reader" to read it.

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