Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's $500K re: Mulroney/Schreiber Affair, not $300K says Schreiber at House of Commons Ethics Committee

What a couple of weeks of admitted mistakes! Former PM Mulroney says the biggest mistake he ever made was taking the $300,000 cash payment, former PM Chretien says that if he knew about the $300,000 cash payment to Mulroney at the time, his government of the day would have reconsidered paying the ~$2 million slander and libel settlement paid by the canadian taxpayers to Mulroney. I guess this was another mistake? And in little ole Langley, Councillor Bateman finally admits that his so called re-election team made a mistake in advertising a raffle for his fund raising luncheon! Mistakes, political mistakes?

Meanwhile German-Canadian businessman Karlheinz Schreiber, at today's House of Commons Ethics Committee while holding back on most details on the affair due to preparation requirements did reveal a few gems from his point of view. He says that former PM Mulroney/Schreiber affair arrangement was for $500,000 and not just $300,000 paid to Mulroney. Schreiber said Mulroney only got $300k because he did not do the work that he was expected of him at that time. He refused to at this time say what he expected but did say it certainly was not for "pasta". Schreiber also said that he was told that Mulroney "was in desperate straights and needed the money" at the time.. He also name dropped multiple prominent names that it is assumed will play prominently in the committee hearings over the next weeks if not months!

See CBC for a report and see Rafe Mair's column of "vital questions" that he insists should be asked of Mulroney. The whole affair was revitalized by the cbc's Fith Estate newsmagazine report. View the Fifth Estate complete report and timeline at

Schreiber was today's big winner by probably remaining in Canada longer and now going to house arrest as opposed to a detention center. Shreiber easily controlled the whole committee agenda today that was clearly for his benefit. Stay tuned the committee resumes on Tuesday live on TV.

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