Sunday, November 11, 2007

Letter To The Editor - Nov 8, 2007 - From Wally Martin - Bateman Reelection Fundraising Raffle Controversy

(This is Part 2 of the Raffle Waffle Controversy. See Part 5 here. See Part 4 here. Part 3 here. See Part 1 here.)

Dear Editor
It would appear from the attached (see adjacent left) that Jordan Bateman is organizing a "raffle" This item can be seen at I am even more shocked to see that Rich Coleman is involved.I have filed a complaint with the Gaming Enforcement Branch as I believe private raffles such as this that appear to be operating without a license are unlawful. The same web site states the following "I worry about the cycle we are creating in our society, with gambling addiction causing broken families that we then fund service for out of the very money they gambled away. In Langley, 6% of people are gambling addicts. That's thousands of people." Gambling of any kind is bad but unlawful gambling is even worse. To have it being done by politicians is beyond belief.
Wally Martin
Langley BC

LFP EDITOR NOTE: Double mouse click picture above to enlarge it. Also this is part 2 of 2 see part 1 of 2 here to see initial LFP posting that initiated this email from Mr. Wally Martin apparently original written Nov 8th.

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