Friday, November 30, 2007

Does Sponsorship/Liberals 2004 = Schreiber/Mulroney/Conservatives 2008?

Everybody is talking about the newly revived $300,000 (or rather $500,0o0) Schreiber affair but meanwhile 4 other key issues to watch that have now arisen out of this core controversy may have even longer and more extensive legs.

Specifically they are:
1) Mulroney/Conservatives wireless telephone industry influences/decisions. (See G & M here.)
2)The McKays/Schreiber connections. (See CTV here. )
3)Scheiber's lawyer accusations about the powers to be in the conservative government that in his opinion tried exceptionaly hard to extradite Schreiber as a political move only. (See Toronto Star here.)
4) Finally the Mulroney/Harper relationship, and their publicly well known new and old Conservative party chumminess and potential influences/conflicts that are very diffilcult to ignore even if Mulroney for all intents and purposes has been declared hot by the ruling conservatives. This declaration by Harper that all should not be in contact with him for the duration essentially makes one wonder why this is even neccessary. Does this mean the contacts were that great?

Mark my word that these together are explosive and you can now bet that the Liberals are targeting an election definitely next spring now that the controversial shoe is now definitely on the other foot! Also the Libs & Cons are NOW tied in all the polls and using the above controversies (actual and/or perceived) will probably create enough of a wedge for a minority Liberal government. Meanwhile the NDP and Bloc say both the past & present Libs. & Cons. are not clean of any corruption. Also the Harperites are in desperate spin control now and are praying that no more new skeletons are found. Actual or perceived!

The real and final question that the Libs feel good about right now is:
Does Sponsorship/Liberals 2004 = Schreiber/Mulroney/Conservatives 2008?

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