Sunday, November 18, 2007

Letter To The Editor - Nov 18, 2007 - From Hildegard R. of Coquitlam - Questionable "Get Moving BC"?

Letter to the Editor,
Jordan Bateman, a councilor of the Township of Langley, published on the Website "Get Moving B.C." a comment, which I find highly questionable and according to my experience as a transit user untrue.

Under Fare Cheats he repeats a statement of Pela Lusa:

"My mom was riding a B-Line bus, a long accordion bus, which was stopped on the Granville Bridge and a fare inspector got on. This inspector told my mom that he had caught 40 people, who had cheated on their bus fare."
Since I have no car I am a frequent transit user. Never in all these years have I seen a fare inspector on a bus. The tickets are validated by the fare box - making checks by inspectors unnecessary. And can anybody familiar with bridge traffic imagine the bus being stopping on Granville bridge?

Only on the Sky Train do fare inspectors check the tickets. Rarely have I seen a person caught without a ticket. This the transit officials, present on the platform of Sky Train stations, confirmed, when I asked.

Mr. Bateman's writings prove that he is not familiar with Public Transit, promotes the B.C. Liberal's agenda - to spend $100 Million on gates at stations - and he does not shrink from using questionable means to say the least. Its time the citizens of Langley wake up.

The whole Lower Mainland is in desperate need of an effective Public Transit System now - not costly gates.

Hildegard R., Coquitlam, B.C.

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