Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Raffle Waffle" - Wally Martin's Letter To Langley Township Council - Demands Bateman Resignation

(This is Part 3 of the Raffle Waffle Controversy. See Part 5 here. See Part 4 here. See Part 2 here. See Part 1 here.)

November 12 2007

Mayor and Council - Township of Langley,

You see in the enclosed that Councillor Bateman is organizing a ticket raffle for personal gain.You see that “To conduct any form of a ticket raffle without a licence is unlawful”.Demand the immediate resignation of councilor Bateman from public office. Please forward this and the enclosed to the Township returning officer.


Wally Martin

21628 48 Ave
Langley BC
V3A 3M8

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