Sunday, April 09, 2006

'When we kill enough(Canadians) ... they will quit' Says Afghanistan Taliban

Canadian Press reports that insurgent spokesman Qari Yuosaf Ahmedi said the Taliban are convinced the resolve of the Canadian people is weak. He further is quoted, "We think that when we kill enough Canadians, they will quit war and return home,". It is obvious to LFP that this rhetoric by the Taliban will result in even more Canadian Government countering rhetoric which we predict will say that we are winning the war and our resolve will never weaken. Hopefully we will not have escalating Canadian deaths that will escalate with the political rhetoric.

CP further reports that a poll survey by Decima Research found 45 per cent of Canadian respondents considered the deployment a good idea while 46 per cent viewed it as a bad idea. It is also quoted as saying 25 per cent of respondents said the troops should stay as long as it takes to complete the mission. Another 10 per cent said they should stay another year or two, while 15 per cent were willing to see them stay up to five years.

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