Monday, April 24, 2006

Bloggers Are The New Sherpas

The Philadelphia Inquirer states the obvious. "Each morning, we awake to new mountains of information. Bloggers are the new Sherpas, leading their readers through those various ranges. Newspaper reporters and editors are the old Sherpas. Lots of folks - especially liberals and elites - still like the old Sherpas. The mainstream media - MSM - are populated overwhelmingly by left- and hard-left-leaning writers and editors(LFP thinks not in Langley!), and few people even bother to argue the point anymore. American newspapers are not unlike American car companies: Market dominance made them lazy and uninterested(LFP thinks in Langley!) in their customer base, and a lot of that base slowly melted away, even before the new media arrived. When blogs and talk radio and cable arrived and offered a choice to news consumers long disgusted with biased(LFP thinks in Langley!) product, remaining center-right readers began to bolt." LFP says that the new "Sherpas" are especially an up and coming force on the local scene. Howvere some blogs are just personal political career glorification sites (look at me-me-me site!) disguised as the new sherpa! Please consider LFP, one of your local Sherpas from now on! Our rates and quality are better! And we know the quickest and most accurate way throgh the dangerous mountain range of information!....

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