Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Local News Review Langley Times - 4/19/06

The Translink board is meeting today at our new Township Hall Council Chambers and will discuss the Translink parking tax. Dear God in heaven, please help Kevin Falcon get rid of these morons, pleaseeee! Hope the Translink board bureaucrats had a tough time getting across the Port Mann this morning! They sure didn’t take the bus I bet. Mayor Dianne Watts of Surrey is forwarding a motion to ‘park the tax’ that will probably not go to far because of the big northeast of the Fraser urban majority on the Translink board. Best idea yet is park the Translink Board itself! If these bozos had to run for public election for the Translink board most of them would lose including our beloved appointee Mayor Kurt Alberts. Anyhow read the Times Editorial which just reiterates the obvious. Langley and the south of the Fraser folks are always screwed by Translink! Then read the Al Irwin article about Mayor Alberts on the Parking tax where it seems to me that he lolly gags around in circles on the topic. Our Mayor should unequivocally simply say it is just B.S. At least it appears he will most likely vote against the parking tax.

Meanwhile Gas prices are going through the roof with no end in site because George Bush and his Mini Me Harper are sabre rattling about Iran! Which means more out of the way trips to Abbotsford Fraser highway gas alley where we have to line up with the masses to get cheaper GVRD tax free gas. And if you can tell me what the Editor's message is in his editorial today on I think, this topic, you win the Gumby award for dechipering! Does rambling come with boredom or time or both?

Meanwhile obviously the paper had a dearth of good letters to the editor and once again dug up a letter on divinity. Ever notice that they love to publish this pablum with glorious lines like "vastness of space and the nano-universe" ? Also get this wonderfully creative headline added by the I assume the editor on this letter, "Editor: Faith in God can be a wonderful blessing or a curse". Very pertinent to Langley ain't it? When can we expect equal opportunity divinity letters for other religions? Not bad though, consider sometimes fully one quarter to one third are divinely inspired letters!

A really great letter says it all though that the abundance of jobs out there are probably low paying minumum wage and part time jobs!

Proof that times are tough for people are that hard working crooks now climb telephone poles to cut high tension telephone cables for their copper resale value! Maybe this experience now better qualifies them as telephone repairmen!

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