Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Local News Review Langley Advance - 4/18/06

The editorial today suggests that both provincial parties “put politics aside” and work together to implement the 62 recommendations that Judge Ted Hughes suggested clean up B.C.'s child protection system. I don’t think so! Nice try anyhow. Imagine.. two political parties working together! LFP reported on the base story before.

Councillor Richter in a news story by Matthew Claxton suggests that the entire Translink parking tax should be cut and that "It's about time people got upset about this,". Where is our silent mayor on this item? He occupies one of the 12 seats on Translink and is a decision maker!

I don't know about you but something is desperately wrong when municipalities start relocating/diverting our rivers, creeks & brooks. Why not just divert them all into our culverts or better still into one straight river in Langley!?

Duh, Township folks' "satisfaction with Township services has slipped" according to a Township commissioned survey. Yet Councillor Bob Long in the column responding to the survey says "The results gave him confidence council is generally headed in the right direction with the current budget..". Wonder what Bob had in his coffee when he said that? Lets see 5-5-5 % municipal tax hikes in the next 3 years. So if satisfaction slips even more in the next survey does that mean Council is heading in an even more right direction then Bob? Like I said ..Duh.

Meanwhile South Carvolth Kids are on the move with many going to go to a Surrey school. Sad.

By the way kudos to the Langley Advance on listing all their archive issues for viewing on their web page and our favorite article of all for 2005.. Nov 18th! Ah yes.. the questionable advisory committee!

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