Thursday, April 20, 2006

David Emerson Frustrated as a Conservative And More! Minister's Office Denies Remarks

Shocking revelation from the Toronto Star today. The Star says David Emerson's complaints are that the government is too partisan and too tightly controlled under Prime Minister Stephen Harper and "They hate the f---ing Liberals and they're doing everything they can to screw them,". Wow, sounds like some newspaper Editors! He further is reported as saying that he is frustrated being a member of the Conservative government. Even more dramatic statements were attributed apparently to Emerson saying that Harper is a hard-ass, that he is incredibly focused but has no people skills. Well this news will certainly result in damage control and have big ramifications! Watch the spin on this one it should be great! Nothing like press like this to endear yourself with the Conservative caucus especially if you used to be a Liberal Minister before. The Toronto Star article does say that the Minister's office denies the remarks. UPDATE: PM Rejects claims Emerson frustrated ..see CTV. Told you it would spin!

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