Sunday, April 30, 2006

President of Afghanistan Offers Olive Branch to Taliban

The Washington Post reports that Afghan President Karzai essentially is asking the Taliban, especially it's moderates to cease fighting and join with the Government to rebuild Afghanistan. The Post goes on to quote Taliban Commander Akhund, speaking by telephone from an undisclosed location,who said the United States and its allies toppled the Taliban and installed a "puppet government" after intense bombing," and that "The Afghan people should stand up.. and join the Taliban in the freedom struggle and force out foreign troops like Soviet forces,".Wow, deja vu about what was said about the Afghan Government at an earlier time under Russian military occupation!
Interesting, why doesn't the Canadian Press report the fact that President Karzai is offering an olive branch to the Taliban (who by the way now call themselves freedom fighters)? Is it at all possible to 'give peace a chance'? Are the Taliban a group that can be reasoned with? Are they that big a threat to suddenly elicit an appeal to consider peace from President Karzai? Certainly not the impression our western leaders have been giving us. The impression we are being given in the West is that they are just a small bunch of loose terrorists that we are just mopping up. What is really motivating President Karzai to ask the Taliban to accept the olive branch? This seems like a pretty dramatic appeal. Why?....

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