Tuesday, April 11, 2006

U.S. Army Officer's Top 10 Reasons For Canada To Stay In Afghanistan

Today's National Post reports Canada's Afghanistan war comments from Stephen J. Mariano who is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and a Visiting Defence Fellow at the Centre for International Relations, Queen's University. His top ten reasons to stay in the war are summarized by your editor below;

10. Oil to Benefit Canada ( The US too?).
9. Poppy (heroin) Industry back in Afghanistan ( Eliminated under the Taliban!).
8. Prevent human-rights abuses (Hey, I can buy this one).
7. Protect fledgling Democracy in Afghanistan (Hope it holds).
6. Canada's chance of success better in Afghanistan (Than what?)!
5. Support NATO's(USA) self defense clause treaty obligation (legal contract!).
4. "A secure Afghanistan means a secure Central Asia" (yeah right!)!
3. Prove to the US we can & will, "it's good to accentuate the positive" (suck up)!
2. Prove to the world we are not a "soft, outmoded 'peacekeeping' force" (suck up more).

And the # 1 reason for Canada to stay in Afghanistan is;

1. "Better to halt bacterial growth in the petri dish now rather than letting it grow and one day infect our shores." (fade out to a star spangled banner...).

I don't know about you, but U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Stephen J. Mariano has provided me all the reasons to formulate my opinions on Canada staying in Afghanistan. How about you? I'm so glad he's here in Canada helping educate our students!

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