Tuesday, November 07, 2006

U.S. Voters Choose Democrats - Harper Beware

Donald Rumsfeld, Bush's Iraq/Afghan war architect resigns!
The results are coming in and are clear. Tomorrows Washington Post reports that 12 years of Republican control has ended because of the war in Iraq and conservative economic priorities. The American voters essentially decided that a Democratic majority Government with no plan on Iraq is better than the existing George W. Bush Republican plan on Iraq. Hopefully in our next election, probably early next spring, Canadian voters will equally choose to reject Harper's Canadian war plan in Afghanistan. Remember President Lyndon Johnson was defeated by the Vietnam war, today's Republicans were defeated by the Iraq war and clearly the ruling conservative values and ideologies of a Republican U.S. President and Conservative Canadian Prime Minister on both Iraq and Afghanistan clearly suggest they are also greatly at risk. One can only hope so!

P.S. Former Vice President nominee and Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman won re-election as an Independent after losing his own democratic nomination! Also Arnold... won again. And so did Hilary, maybe the next American President! Also our immediate neighbours just to the south of us in Washington State won an especially substantial super majority for the Democrats.

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