Sunday, November 19, 2006

Langley Times Finally Asks A Tough Question?

The Times Editorial writer either saw our posting last week and got a creative idea or decided to for a very rare change to question an establishment status quo in the Times Sunday editorial. Although timid by our standards Bucky's article seems to agree with us that having Langleyites without power 2 days or more is very questionable. He says in the Times that slow power restoration 'raises several questions which have yet to be answered satisfactorily...For starters, why did it take so long to restore power to so many customers?' We at LFP say that our politicians should demand a comprehensive report on why our citizens had to wait 2 days or more.

Otherwise today's paper descends into its traditional pablum like the City's retiring fire chief's poetry (warning do not choose this link!) and retirement...yawn. Gee, and we were hoping the new Times Publisher would change the homey don't rock the boat Readers Digest look-a-like Martha Stewart pablum! Otherwise lots on the November wind storm. Bucky's almost quasi investigative reporting attempt on power restoration makes me want to believe that he may finally move up to asking even tougher investigative questions from Langley Township Mayor & Council on the $3-4-5-6 million Grandstand fiasco or Warawa's Environmental ministry's pathetic action on the environment or how Warawa justifies his house of commons question period non-answers. We have to wonder though if Mayor & Council and our MP Warawa were professed Liberals would The Langley Times have been on their case with lengthy tirades? Do you think?

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