Thursday, November 30, 2006

Do You Want More Tax Hikes? Get Ready!

This Public document (total pages 13) was given to us courtesy of Councillor Kim Richter and will be publicly discussed by Township Council at Township Hall this coming Monday at 2 PM.
(Click on above Graph for full view.) (Click HERE to see all 13 pages.)
LFP Points of note below:
  1. The above poll results report heading quotes, "Langley's tolerance for tax increase is lower....than...other BC municipalities". About time!
  2. Are Langley taxpayers finally clueing in? Is the tax hike tide finally turning? Is the perpetual annual tax increase ending? Not on your life! We bet Tax hikes are looming again!
  3. 49% is not a resounding approval level! Quebec Seperatists lost with a 49% vote years ago! While certainly not resounding support it still will not make any difference. Your taxes will surely increase again just like the $3-4-5-6 million Township grandstand budget inevitably doubled! The real question how much will taxes increase.
  4. Transportation and traffic are key concerns as always.

Included in the Township Council report were these direct budget open house response quotes written in by just one happy Township taxpayer;

  • 'Your draft budget is a rip off for tax increase.'
  • 'the only way you can think is increase taxes year after year?'
  • 'In 1990 my taxes (were) $1070.79. In 2006 my taxes (were) $2601.52. Now you want another increase for 2007.'
  • 'The (Township) finance department can be changed to tax increase department.'
  • 'You should not get paid for poor management of tax dollars.'

Could not have said it better myself! Maybe we should all go to the 2 PM Council meeting Monday to watch this tax increase rubber stamp process begin! I can see the Township Council vote now: 8 males say yes and one female says no!

What's your prediction on our new Langley Township tax hike increase? Select your choice on this Website's right sidebar poll below.

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