Saturday, November 04, 2006

Letter To The Editor - Nov 4, 2006 - From Pierre Moyen of Langley - Re: Harper - Betrayal of the People

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Pierre Moyen of Langley sent us his editorial letter re Harper's Conservative Government "A Betrayal of the People" attached.

He talks to the Conservative government's surprise decision this week to tax income trusts like other, more standard corporate entities in Canada. The Conservative platform explicitly stated that a Conservative government would not do this. Indeed, it stated that "'A Conservative government will: . . . Stop the Liberal attack on retirement savings and preserve income trusts by not imposing any new taxes on them.' Conservative federal election platform Jan. 13, 2006.
This blatant reversal which has overnight cost Canadians $36.4 Billion while saving the Government only $500 million in taxes. Financial columnist Michael Campbell summarizes that Harper's Government, "was willing to see income trust investors lose, on average $72 for each tax dollar the Government gains in return."

Before we forget lets also not forget that this government is now also shoveling patronage appointments out of the back of their truck to it's party faithful as well. Judges, 2010 Olympics Board members and the list goes on. Also with a byelection now in Montreal, Harper's appointed backroom boy Senator Fortier says he will not run in this by-election as he promised he would! These items all smack of betrayal as well to their previous statements and lofty policies and promises made by this Conservative government.

Most tragic of all, this Harper Government income trust action betrayal has hurt tons of those that counted on this government's word on income trusts and could least afford it. The Conservatives essentially gutted the retirement nest eggs of Canada's retired and the elderly.

Pierre Moyen clearly is someone who voted Conservative and feels betrayed and disillusioned. He should be. Pierre is not a unique angry Conservative. Even Sean Ahern reported by the Globe quit the the Conservatives over this issue. The Globe quotes Sean, "I've never voted for a Liberal in my life. But I will vote for them,” said Mr. Ahern, a financial planner in his 60s who has been a Conservative party member since he was 16." Pierre please send an email to your Langley MP Mark Warawa (everybody send him an email!) asking for an explanation and let us know how he defends taking money away from those that can probably least afford it and especially ask how he can fathom going back on their word.

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