Saturday, November 04, 2006

MP Mark Warawa Answers questions on the Environment? Really? Get Real!

See Stageleft Blog for House of Commons question period debate you don't ever get to see spotlighted on An exchange between the [Lib] MP, John Godfrey for Don Valley West and our very own Langley Parliamentary Secretary [Con] MP, Mark Warawa to the Conservative Environment Minister. Stageleft Blog comments on Warawa's non answers were, "What we were treated to is another example of party in power evasiveness, non-answers, and a complete lack of accountability....It's a really simple question about Conservative misinformation - it wasn't answered." Wow, there's that accountability word again used against the Conservatives this time! LFP asks why did MP Warawa not answer the questions? Why? Maybe Stageleft's last quote is the answer, "Give them power in the House and they are all the same."

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