Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Today's Advance News LFP Highlights- Nov 14

Yeah, both the Township and city get a windfall from the province in the form of traffic fines rebate. The Township gets $1.2 million back which they can probably now proudly contribute to the $3-4-5-6 million Grandstand fiasco coverup.

City Mayor Fassbender is looking to the Province to distribute (share) the cost of police homicide costs to other municipalities which now costs the city $250k annually. "It spreads the load more evenly," says Fassbender and Alberts says "It's a fact of policing being expensive," both quoted in the Advance. Hey speaking to sharing, howabout all that money the Township has paid over the years subsidizing the city policing? Will anyone ever get that money back? Does anybody on Township Council besides Richter care?

The on-line Township survey will set our priorities for the future. If its anything like the last one it will have questions asking what % increase in taxes are preferred. Last time it only gave increases as an option and no option for no increase and none at all for a decrease. In other words get ready for another tax hike from the Township tax hikes kings!

A great letter from Susan Semonick calling for amalgamation of the Langleys' School Trustee electoral area because of three reasons; the city reps live in the Township anyhow, they just voted themselves a 17% increase and finally they should eliminate 2 trustee positions to save $50k a year. What logical thinking, Susan please run for a trustee position next time! Or better still run for Township Council where you can join the only other critical thinker who also happens to be the only female there!

Ken J. Marsh wading correctly into the political dog naming arena. Ken the Langley Times has been much worse in this respect.

Finally the rambling Advance editorial with kick and witticism which sure beats the simply plain ole rambling editorials in the Times!

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