Friday, November 17, 2006

Langley Power Restoration Two Days Too Long?

The priorities of restoring power at least obviously benefited some of Langley and Aldergrove's business communities especially the restaurants in the last few days who served those thousands and thousands of saddened Langleyites who were without power. Business areas were obviously priority number one for restoration.

Meanwhile in some areas power was out way too long like in the more heavily populated North Otter/Aldergrove areas north of Fraser Highway and east of 232 street for essentially two whole days and nights! So these poor saps have to now chuck out their freezer foods and try to personally thaw themselves out as well. One has to wonder why it took two days to get power on in this area and why there was no provision by the Township to advise them where they could go to use restroom facilities or to get water, etc.

Meanwhile apparently Hydro kept titillating them in the media by saying power would be back on a day prior to when it was actually finally fixed causing these poor disappointed suckers to hold on and spend yet another dark and cold sleepless night. Also, one wonders how the seniors in this area coped without power for two days while suffering the most in the cold, damp darkness with temperatures in the 4 to 6 degree range. Two days of power loss in this day and age is pretty hard to cope with especially for the elderly.

Our burning question is why was it out for two days in more populated areas like North Otter/Aldergrove. Was this two day period realistic and justified? Why did our elected officials just sit back and watch and wait. Why did they not demand answers, service and immediate action? And why was the Township also so silent in providing resources and facilities that these residents could count on using in the interim. Even the $3-4-5-6 Million Grandstand we assume had washroom facilities that could provide some measure of relief.

We don't live in the outback, two days is far too long without repair in this day and age. We need a report as to what caused the two day delay and a better future action plan by all officials.

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