Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Langley Patronage Appointment by ALR Ministry Accused by NDP

On page B3 of today’s Vancouver Sun the B.C.’s Liberal Agriculture Minister denies accusations by the NDP that John Tomlinson, a Langley Township resident well known locally for his strong support of Liberal Minister Rich Coleman’s Langley riding, was recently given a patronage appointment to the Agricultural Land Commission(ALR). In fact Tomlinson was Rich Coleman’s riding president from 2004/2005 alongside newly elected rookie Langley Township Councillor Jordan Bateman amongst others who also served with Tomlinson as well at the same time as the riding's communication chair. The NDP further claim that Tomlinson donated $12,000.00 to the BC Liberal party and that he starred in a Liberal campaign ad as an ordinary person. Prince George Agriculture Minister Pat Bell however claims that Tomlinson is well qualified and still owns a 10 acre farm and has been in the agriculture industry all his life. LFP won’t make a comment either way on Mr. Tomlinson specifically. LFP strongly suggests that any and all candidates for the ALR should logically and most certainly first be vetted to assure that they are not linked formally to any provincial political party especially the ruling government party. The importance of impartiality and being free from bias and or appearance of bias is of the utmost importance in the very important position of making ALR rural land use decisions and the like. If this is not the prerequisite now, then it should be in the future for any subsequent appointments in this writer's opinion.....

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