Tuesday, May 16, 2006

East Langley Sewer Services To Cost Us $47 to $56 Million!

Our sources tell us that at this past monday's meeting of Township Council that they got an update about the desperately required sewer services upgrade needed for East Langley, more specifically Aldergrove. Apparently 3 options were presented consisting of total project cost and immediate first year cost;

Option A) $47.3 M - up front cost $20.2 Million
Option B) $45.5 M - up front cost $15.7 Million
Option C) $56.2 M - up front cost $ 39.9 Million

These are preliminary costs and could be more considering the $3-4-5 million grandstand fiasco track record! The three option routes for these sewers are from Aldergrove straight north to the River, or north and right to Abbotsford or west along the Fraser highway to GVRD via Langley City. How come nobody saw this coming and how come we didn't save up for infrastucture replacement until crisis set in? How come?

Apparently Councillor Richter and Kositsky were absent from this meeting (too bad Richter would probably have blown a cork based on her previous Council tax & spend roasts). Richter warned everybody during the last election about Township spending being out of control and that we should expect massive tax increases over the next many, many years. Well she was right! Not only has Township council approved compounded 4.95% tax increases over the next 3 years and beyond, you can now bet that there will be plenty more due to this major sewer services cost fiasco. Keep in mind that this single cost is more than half of the annual Township budget! So Council keep spending on $3-4-5 million granstands and the like we taxpayers are obviously thrilled to be paying more and more and more! Heck we can also borrow more too to help out the banks too!

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