Thursday, May 25, 2006

Harper Gags MPs re Gay Mounties Wedding

Remember this previous post of two gay Mounties getting married? in that posting I predicted it would be tough for a lot of people especially some not so socially progressive Conservative MPs to bite their tongues on this story. Well guess what PM Stephen Harper either read my post or he feels the same concern about his own MPs! Read Macleans for their take. It further quotes Liberal MP and upcoming Liberal leadership candidate Scott Brison who says, "It shows that Stephen Harper does not trust his own caucus to avoid social Neanderthalism on these issues,". Gee I wondered why no comment was forthcoming on this topic from Langley MP Mark Warawa. Too bad the local press didn't ask him to comment! I should have guessed, he never apparently responded to his own constituent's letter as per Kim Richter's post either! But he certainly is suddenly the greenest politician in town!Warawa promised Richter way back on March 30th! Let's see that's 56 days and counting.

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