Thursday, May 04, 2006

$350 A Day Renumeration For ALR Appointees Controversy

BC Liberal's political patronage accusation story has very long legs! See our previous posting. Today's Vancouver Sun has the whole page A4 going in depth on the controversy of recent ALR appointments that the NDP continues to rail on about. And now the major press is all over it.

In the case of recent local Langley appointee, John Tomlinson (former Aldergrove/Ft. Langley BC Liberal riding president), the Sun points out that the ALR website biography mentions none of his experience related to farming or land use planning whatsoever. The Sun points out that ALR commissioners are supposed to be "knowledgeable in matters relating to agriculture, land use planning, local government or first nation government."
When questioned by the Sun about NDP critic Bruce Ralston's accusations of appointing "Liberal Party Insiders" and specifically about a "political directive to get Barnston Island out of the reserve, Tomlinson said he had no comment and added that he had not had time to review the file.

Tomlinson and two other members recently appointed have stirred up the concerns of political patronage by the NDP critics. Vaughn Palmer page A3 article and The Province's Michael Smythe on page A26 also wade into the growing Liberal political Maelstrom.

LFP is curious to see what the Langley local media and papers investigate and report on this controversy! And apparently there are two more seats available on the ALR gravy train. Get in line to apply.

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