Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Anti US Riots In Kabul And Continued Unabated Taliban Warfare

Canada may have to stay in battle for many more years to come by the appearance of this Reuters report. Seems the Taliban are in constant and unabated battles in the south of Afghanistan where our Canadian troops are. Winning the hearts and minds of the Afghans may also becoming more difficult as reported in the same Reuters article saying that Citizens rioted in Kabul, Aghanistan' capital, because US troops killed 5 citizens. Add this to the recent bombing of the southern Afghan city's innocent citizens by our coalition planes and the outlook sure doesn't look great right now especially since you also have Canadian Senators calling the Afghan President a US puppet!

More significantly the Globe and Mail reports (full report here) that the Taliban in Afghanistan have maintained, and perhaps even gained, strength. I sure hope this doesn't become another Vietnam or another Russian Afghanistan disaster. It's obvious to this writer that the sugar coated pills being fed to the Canadian public on this war may be just that, placebos. Case in point Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor on CTV says Canada is not at war in Afghanistan! Could have fooled me! And to cap it all off our Canadian Troops are told Geneva rules don't apply to the Taliban! So we can do anything we want to them and never worry about something silly like being called war criminals.

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