Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Harper's Conservatives Popularity Highest Ever

Stephen Harper according to Ipsos poll is a miracle worker that has brought his Conservatives to within shooting distance of the Quebec seperatist Bloc 33% to 38% popularity! Who would ever have thought that a non francophone conservative leader could ever have pulled this off? Meanwhile nationally 43% of federal voters support the Conservative Party (+5 points since a mid-March Ipsos Reid poll), giving them an impressive 18-point lead over their chief federal rival, the Liberal Party (25%, -3 points). The NDP (15%, -4 points) trail the Liberals, while the Green Party (5%, unchanged) remains much further back. The current Conservative Party government is enjoying their highest levels of federal vote support in nearly 20 years, since Brian Mulroney’s majority in November of 1988. National Post reports that 'Harper has support to win majority'.

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