Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Warawa: Another Conservative Candidate Foot in Mouth Faux Pas?

Without getting into too much detail, our local Langley Conservative MP Mark Warawa's son, Ryan Warawa, who's running in Vancouver East, also as a Conservative candidate, has been widely today reported in multiple web sites about his personal blog postings of past that has Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca Liberal MP Keith Martin now being quoted by CTV British Columbia, that he considers that; "..the words in the blog (Ryan Warawa's) posting as slanderous." Ryan is a former Young BC Liberal. He also previously failed to win the Conservative nomination for a potentially winnable seat in Burnaby. Ryan Warawa is also quoted on his blog to have said; “I in principle favour government legalizing prostitution — forcing the sex trade into brothels.” As well as; “I favour decriminalization of both marijuana and prostitution…”. Imagine, a Conservative candidate stumping for legal paid sex and pot. What is this world coming to? For more information search Google.

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