Thursday, September 18, 2008

Does Kurt Alberts Private Business Receive Special Treatment at Taxpayers Expense? - Letter To The Editor by Wally Martin

I recently viewed a web site where I noted that the art gallery 'Birthplace of BC' operated by Mayor Kurt Alberts and his wife received special prominence yet the web site states there are galleries galore in Langley.

The web site is operated by Tourism Langley Association which receives tax payer money from the Township of Langley.

Why does Kurt Alberts private business receive special treatment at taxpayers expense?

Why does the private society Tourism Langley Association receive taxpayer funding when it is not accountable to the taxpayer?

Did Alberts excuse himself when funding to the society was discussed?

Tourism Langley Association meets in secret, does not have audited finances or any kind of public records and yet still receives taxpayer money? Is there something wrong here?

Why does Kurt Alberts get FREE advertising for his private business?

Wally Martin
Langley BC

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