Saturday, September 27, 2008

Secret Poll Shows Kim Richter Would Beat Alberts for Mayor's Chair - LFP NEWS EXCLUSIVE!

(Note: Double mouse click right on Pictures (3 of them) to the left to expand and view graph pictures in large readable format.) A large brown paper envelope containing a thick booklet of poll results was anonymously delivered to Kim Richter's election camp. It contains extensive poll analysis about the upcoming Municipal election including who could win Mayor and Council seats as well as identifying key issues. All information about when the poll was taken or who commissioned it as well as which polling organization were blacked out. LFP has posted only three of the many poll questions and the corresponding results here which you can individually select and enlarge pictures for better viewing.

This Editor assumes that either someone is trying to be helpful or harmful by sending this to Richter's election camp. The question is helpful and/or harmful but to whom?

The poll documents leave a few questions open for discussion. Is it real and who sent it & more importantly why?
1) Are the poll results real or perhaps at least doctored? Well having read the whole booklet I must say it certainly looks and reads like a professional commissioned poll that I have seen in the past and the amount of detail and information within the booklet is quite astounding as well.

2) One wonders if perhaps Mayor Alberts' campaign would send it? This scenario seems highly doubtful though. One would assume that his camp would not want Richter to run at all for Mayor and limit the Mayor's race to Rick Green and Alberts only. The poll shows Alberts will easily beat Green.

3) There are rumours that a local BC Liberal group with obvious Township council connections has sent this to try to convince Richter to enter the Mayoralty race to open up another seat on council. They don't really care if Richter or Alberts wins as Mayor as long as one of them is eliminated to provide a glide path for another one of their candidates to get on council to join sitting BC Liberal candidates already there thus providing a farm team for future provincial elections. Not to mention that this strategy allows them to control all levels of politics in Langley. Yet another rumour has it that there is an unholy alliance tentatively forming between the local BC Liberal camp and the Mayor Alberts camp. Boy, this is a real trustworthy relationship isn't it? (Particularly if one camp or the other is leaking secret poll results to the competition!)

The big question is should Kim Richter run for Mayor or not? This Editor thinks she should!

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