Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time To Storm The Bastille - Letter To The Editor by Shane Dyson

This fall might have seen some real improvements for people in Langley and the province in general. We might have finally seen a provincial senior's advocate, minimum wages raised to $10 an hour and more protection for farm workers.

Those were some of the issues New Democrats were going to push for in this fall session of the legislature set to open on Oct. 6.

But Liberal government house leader Mike de Jong said there's no need for the sitting because the B.C. Liberals have no legislation to pass. What incompetence!

Recently, three Langley farm workers were killed and another two were critically injured when they tried to save their coworkers. Obviously, there are serious agricultural safety issues to address. De Jong, however, said, Unlike Carole James and the NDP, we as a government don't think the government should be out passing laws for the sake of passing laws. What arrogance!

This session would also have seen the Liberals called to account for their part in forest land giveaways, the carbon tax and double-digit pay-raises for high-level bureaucrats. What cowards!
Shane Dyson

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