Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NEW! LFP's CPAC-NANOS Daily Updated National Election Poll

In the next few days this Editor will be posting in an LFP spreadsheet chart as below with daily election poll results from Nic Nanos. In the last national election, of all the polls, only the Nanos daily poll was amazingly dead on in predicting the actual final results. No one else came remotely close.Therefore I have created a spreadsheet & chart that will automatically update daily and will put it's link on our LFP sidebar. If you look at results above up to September 22 you will see the drop for the conservatives, slight upwards stabilization of the Liberals and a pretty good jump for the NDP while the Greens still irrelevantly languish below 10%. The side bar link also shows two more links about regional & leaders daily poll details summary and an archives commentary summary. To view all Nick Nanos sidebar links make sure you are on the LFP HOME page.

On another note this Editor today saw a 4' by 4' Liberal Jake Gray (Langley's where's Waldo?) sign and I was amazed to see that one could hardly read Jake and Gray was only about 1/6th across the sign. Liberal was even smaller. In other words just a big empty red sign! How sad....how stupid!

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