Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dead End Road “Spruce Up” - & MLA Rich Coleman’s Annual Party - Coincidence? Or Not?

Word on the street this past week has spread like wildfire about a suddenly very rush upgrade of a small rural dead end road (224th Street north of 64th Ave). The upgrade to the dead end 224th Street (which has only a small handful of acreages) is curious indeed in its sudden importance, priority and timing.

This small dead end road has been very substantially regraded and resurfaced. (See photos). Apparently, special equipment was even brought in from Victoria to complete the job. This small dead end road now looks pretty impressive compared to the many other dead end roads in the Township, all of which also have a handful of small acreages.

Coincidently, a property on this particular small dead end road will host a major event for local MLA Rich Coleman this coming weekend – an event that has been widely (but quietly) publicized via personal invitations. However not all members of the taxpaying public (who paid for the road upgrade) have received an invitation (personal or otherwise) to the event, nor have all members of the Council.

Coincidently, MLA Rich Coleman has recently endorsed sitting Mayor Kurt Alberts. Meanwhile, sitting Councillor Jordan Bateman is Vice-President of Rich Coleman’s riding association as well as being a former media consultant for the MLA.

Of course, it’s all a coincidence. But this coming Sunday (September 14, 2008), do drive by 224th St. north of 64th Avenue to see your tax dollars at work.

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